Patricia Hayes School
at Delphi University

You are about to embark on one of the most rewarding and self-enlightening journeys of your life. The Metaphysician and Healer Training will significantly increase your intuitive and spiritual abilities and train you in many new skills and healing methods enabling you to both experience and share the gifts of healing and spiritual awakening with others.

Our Eternal Nature

Metaphysics is the belief in and the study of the eternal nature of our consciousness and the knowledge of the spiritual, transcendental, and intuitive self as being vital aspects in the unfoldment of our full potential as human/spiritual beings. 

About The School

The Patricia Hayes School was founded in 1974 by Patricia Hayes, a pioneer in spiritual and transpersonal development. The School offers degree programs in Healing and Metaphysics and certification as a Metaphysician and Healing Practitioner, Master Metaphysician/Master Healer, and Doctor of Metaphysics, as well as individual certifications for most of the courses of study. There are three levels in our Metaphysician and Healers Training Program.


Prerequisite for Level I Metaphysician: In-Depth Channeling
Each Level is prerequisite for the next. Ex: You must complete Level I to advance to Level II, and so on.
*Prerequisites for the Holistic Healing System (Level III) include Inner Sanctuary Training (which may be taken at any time), and Inner Sanctuary Instructor Training (which may be taken at any time after Journey of the Soul).

Upon completion of the prerequisites and Doctor of Metaphysics & Healing courses, the student will have earned the following certifications:
  • Doctor of Metaphysics & Healing Mh.D
  • Inner Sanctuary Instructor
  • Kundalini Light Energization™ Healer
  • Advanced Kundalini Light Energization™
  • Reflective Etheric Healer
  • Holistic Healing Practitioner
  • Ministerial Ordination in the Church of Wisdom ($100 fee)
Students who complete both the Metaphysician and RoHun™ Programs are awarded the following degrees from Delphi University:
  • Bachelor of Science in Metaphysical Healing
  • Masters of Science in Transpersonal Psychology
  • Doctorate of Science in Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Medical Therapies
Lodging and Meals are included in the course fee throughout the Metaphysician program.

This intensive training includes the study of the History and Practices of the Ancient Mysteries. Students begin an intimate study and purification of their mental/emotional auric field and transmutation of Karmic energies that prevent spiritual progress and permanent healing. Sola, the skills of advanced soul travel are taught and experienced to awaken spiritual memory and spiritual sight, and strengthen and expand the depth and breadth of their channeling. The advanced channeling skills of Soul-Life Readings are also learned.

Course topics:
History and Practices of the Ancient Mysteries
Building the Temple of Higher Learning
Sacred Symbology
Astral Light and Transfiguration
Karma, The Wheel of Rebirth
Cleansing of Emotional/Mental Energetic System
Soul-Life Readings
Sola – Advanced Soul Travel and Advanced Channeling
Dharma – Daily Spiritual Practice

The intensive class takes the student into the metaphysical mysteries and use of color and sound energies, studying their relationship to our physical energy system as well as their beneficial and healing effects on our lives. Students learn the cause and symptoms of imbalance, disharmony and disease, and practical skills and application of color and sound therapeutics to restore balance and pranic energy flows, and to heal and assist in the healing of disease and other imbalances in the physical and subtle bodies.

Course topics:
History of Color and Sound Healing, astrological, crystal, and energy relationships
Characteristics, effects and causes of imbalance and their relationship to color, sound and our energetic systems
Color visualization and manifestation
Balancing the chakras with color
Using color in healing
Common ailments and their beneficial colors
The Healing Properties of Sound
Toning and using the voice as a healing instrument
Healing with tuning forks
The role of music for healing
Healing mantras/Sacred language
Practical application of Color and Sound Healing
The Color and Sound Healing Techniques and Therapy

This intensive metaphysical healer’s training teaches the application of complementary and alternative healing therapies and esoteric studies including The Astral Plane, Crystal Healing, Channeling Healing Energies, Distance Healing, Energy Healing, Healings and Healing Methods of the Christ, Lotus Healing, Medical Intuitive Training, Past Life Regression, Science of the Breath, Setting up your healing practice, and Spirit-assisted Healing.

Course topics: 
Astral Plane – The Study of the Astral World, its inhabitants, its effects on the physical world, and the use of astral energies in healing.
Complementary Healing Therapies – processes for healing specific problems and ailments.
Crystal Healing – Meditating with and using crystals in healing layouts.
Distance Healing – Learning how to channel and project healing energy over great distances to those in need.
Energy Healing – How to effectively invoke and channel healing energies to help others.
Healings & Methods of the Christ – A study of the healings and miracles of the Christ, and the methods and techniques he used in his healings.
Lotus Healing – a healing process that releases energy blocks along the spinal column for the purpose of balancing and restoring physical energy and health in the physical body.
Past Life Regressions Therapy – You will experience and learn how to conduct Past Life Regression Therapy and enable others to access the unconscious for spiritual knowledge, soul abilities, and the healing of current life problems.
Psi Scan/Medical Intuitive Training – A medical intuitive process of perceptive investigation for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.
Science of the Breath – Using the breath to access and direct pranic and healing energies.
Setting Up Your Healing Practice – The do’s and don’ts of a spiritual healing practice.
Spirit Assisted Healing – The channeling of Spirit Doctors for the purpose of healing.
What it means to be a healer

Advanced Channeling

$ 2075
  • June 6-10
  • October 3-7

Color & Sound Healing

$ 2575
  • June 10-14
  • October 7-11

Energy Healing Training

$ 2575
  • June 14-20
  • October 11-17
LEVEL II – Master Metaphysician

Journey of the Soul
is the study and experience of the incredible human journey through the Sacred Realms and Dimensions of Spirit, the exploration of our Evolutionary Past and Future, and the Awakening of your Spiritual Memory and Abilities.

Course topics:
The Triune Nature of God
Beginnings of Planet & Life
The Cosmic Journey
Spiritual Involution and Evolution
Our Spiritual Ancestry, Spiritual Laws & Principles
Transcendental and Mystical Experience
Angelic Realms, Influences and Master Teachers
Awakening Past Spiritual Abilities Reading the Akashic Records
Spiritual Energy of Darshan

Students study the two powerful archetypal myths that deal with the complexities, healing, and the integration of the masculine and feminine energies, and experience the special needs, actions, behavioral patterns, and requirements of each. Throughout the class, each student takes progressive steps for the healing of their own male and female energies, and are empowered with a deeper understanding of themselves, their loved ones, significant others, and clients. Relationship Dynamics is a Journey into Wisdom and Love, The Masculine & Feminine Archetypes, The Healing and Unification of Your Masculine and Feminine Energies, and the path to Christ Consciousness.

Course topics:

Our Sexual Nature
Our Androgynous Being
The Masculine & Feminine Archetypes
The Battle of the Sexes
Healing the Masculine & Feminine Energies
Special Needs, Behavioral Patterns
Actions and Requirements of Male and Female
Dynamics and Integration of Relationships
The Mystical Marriage
The Role of the Etheric Body in Healing
The Deva Kingdom and the healing potency of nature
The Spiritual Worlds and Supramental Planes of Consciousness

In this experiential workshop you will learn a Complementary and Alternative Healing Process that accesses, determines, and heals the negative and repressed emotions and self-destructive thoughts that the Inner Child and Adult have unconsciously stored in their mental/emotional energy systems. The Healing and Integration of the Inner Child and Adult results in immediate peace of mind, creative productivity, clarity and joy.

Course topics:

Dysfunctional Family and Co-dependence
Core Issues: Control-Attachment
Stress Disorder Syndrome
Yhandi’s Inner Light – A four session process for healing the Inner Child/Adult
Therapeutic counseling during treatment
Post treatment support

Journey of the Soul

$ 2075
  • April 6-10
  • August 10-14
  • November 14-18

Relationship Dynamics

$ 2075
  • April 10-14
  • August 14-18
  • November 18-22

Yhandi Inner Child

$ 2575
  • April 14-20
  • August 18-24
LEVEL III – Doctor of Metaphysics

In this course, the student learns the spiritual anatomy of the physical body. Emphasis is on understanding the root cause of disease, the function served by disease in spiritual awakening, and the interaction between the Etheric (vital) body, the Astral (emotional) body, and the physical body in attracting or repelling disease. The study also includes the relationship of blood as a physiologic interface with the ego/soul, and the makeup of cells and their function relative to thought.
You will also learn the Brazilian Light Energization™ Therapy, the sacred and magical process of Kundalini Stimulation and Consciousness Expansion pioneered by the late Mauricio Panisset, the Man of Light, and his widow Kimberly Curcio.

Course topics:
Man’s continuing spiritual journey through the cosmic, creational, and patriarchal cycles.
The study of vibration, the effect of fear, and inherited diseases.
Introduction and practice of Reflective Healing Techniques for physical healing and regeneration.
Learning to facilitate and perform a Blood Cleanse.
Working in the Etheric Body to facilitate healing of the Physical Body.
Brazilian Light Energization™ Healing Techniques for stimulating and drawing up the Kundalini energy to stimulate and energize the Pineal and Pituitary glands, and enhance spiritual perception, psychic vision, and cosmic connection.


This course takes the student further into the Spiritual Anatomy of the physical energy systems of the body and the healing potencies of the Etheric (Vital) Body. Instruction on the structure and practical application of the Reflective Etheric Healing Therapeutics for physical regeneration is taught and practiced. This is a comprehensive Spiritual Anatomy course detailing the role and function of the subtle energy bodies, the spiritual relationship of the organs of the physical body, the continuing evolution of man’s spiritual anatomy, the evolutionary future of the Etheric and Desire Bodies, and the development of the Adam Kadmon lightbody.

The Brazilian Kundalini Light Energization™ Initiation is a continuation of the Light Energization™ but with a greater emphasis upon the development and expansion of the student’s own abilities, and a greater connection with the Cosmic Forces. Students will experience a journey of initiation while learning advanced healing techniques using breathing and Kundalini energy, sacred mantras and symbols, alchemy and working with the elements, and employing advanced sound healing techniques.

Course topics: 
The spiritual anatomy of the nervous systems of the physical body
Accessing the healing potencies of the Etheric (Vital) body
The role of the ductless glands in spiritual attainment
Instruction and hands-on practice of Reflective Etheric Healing Therapeutics
Advanced Kundalini Light Energization™ Techniques
Sound Therapy (Early morning program)

This intensive course instructs the student in the dynamics of the Delphi System of Holistic Healing. Students learn how to have an effective and successful practice as a Doctor of Metaphysical Healing and as a Holistic Healing Practitioner. This course includes Teachers Training, Intuitive and Spiritual Training, and the Delphi Holistic Healing System. Students are instructed in the dynamics of the program and how to establish an effective, successful practice as a Holistic Healer.

Course topics: 
Beginning and building an effective and successful cooperative and alternative healing practice.

The Preliminary Consultation:

Developing intuitive skills and specific counseling techniques for the preliminary consultation
Pinpointing disturbances and abilities throughout each of the energy systems
Presenting the Holistic Healing System to the client

The Inner Life:
Instruction and teaching materials for facilitating spiritual healings.

Mental/Emotional Healing:
Instruction and teaching materials for conducting Mental/Emotional Healing workshops

Prerequisite: Master Metaphysician Program


This course of study is instructor training for the spiritual initiate who wishes to share their spiritual abilities to help others to find and establish their sacred space within their Inner Sanctuary.

Course topics:

Instructor Training: the art of teaching and helping others to build their Inner Sanctuary
Lesson format for the Inner Sanctuary training (can be taught weekly or as a week-end workshop).

Spiritual Anatomy
& Light Energization™ I

$ 2575
  • August 24-30

Spiritual Anatomy
& Light Energization™ II

$ 2625
  • October 17-23

Delphi Holistic
Healing System

$ 2875
  • June 18-25

Inner Sanctuary
Instructor Training

$ 2075
  • August 30 – September 3

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