In-Depth Channeling is an accelerated spiritual training and psychic development program. The ability to channel energy and information is one of the key foundations of spiritual practice. At Delphi we train sensitive people from all walks of life to develop and express their spiritual gifts and abilities that everyone possesses.

Spiritual Bliss

The In-Depth Channeling program awakens your intuitive abilities and will teach you time-proven methods to become a clear, accurate, and consistent channel of love, light, and healing. Using the most innovative methods, students are taught skills that allow one to “tune in” and receive a continuous, accurate, and consistent flow of energy, information, guidance, and inspiration.

In-Depth Channeling students gain a profound sense of healing of mind, body and spirit and acquire a measurable elevation in personal awareness and self-worth.

Delphi Temple Complex
The 8-Day Intensive/60-hour program includes:
Channeling - Learning to become a clear & reliable channel of energy & information
Color Energies - The meanings, application, and power of color energies
Developing Spiritual Senses - Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Direct Knowing
Energy Healing
- Alternative, Complementary & Cooperative Forms of Energy Healing
Energy Sensitivity & Perception - Understanding, recognizing, and perceiving energy
Human Energy Fields, Subtle Bodies & Chakras - Your energy system, what it is and how it works
Illness, Disease, & Imbalance - How negative thoughts & feelings affect health & harmony
Initiate Training - Purpose, love, self-awareness
Intuitive Counseling - Channeling wisdom and information to help others
Meditation & Visualization - Development of spiritual vision, imagery, and inner senses
Mediumship - Communication with departed loved ones
Past Life Regression - Revisiting past lives to gain insight about current life
Photograph Reading - Gaining information through photographs
Pranic Breathing - Using the breath to access and direct spiritual energy
PSI Investigation - Using higher abilities to gain information
Psychic Reading- Reliably expressing your psychic gifts & abilities
Psychic Sensitivity - Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, direct knowing
Psychic Training - Becoming an Intuitive Counselor & Psychic Reader
Sacred Sound - Using sound, music, tone, and sacred language
Spiritual Art - Channeling, Drawing, and Interpreting spiritual energy through art

No course prerequisites are required, just the clear intention and desire to connect with and access the power of Spirit. Each moment is filled with Love, Inspiration, Healing, Fun, and Enlightenment. When you complete the In-Depth Channeling Training, you will be a qualified and certified psychic reader. You will also be eligible to take our Metaphysician and RoHun Therapist Courses. Certification in Mediumship is awarded upon completion. Please join us for this week-long intensive to reliably develop your spiritual abilities.

In-Depth Channeling

2021 Class Schedule

One Week (8 days) Intensive

Course Fee: $2575
Lodging and Meals are included in the course fee.

June 26- July 3
July 31 – August 7 (Class Full)
Sept 25 – Oct 2
Nov 6-13

First-time students: To enroll in In-Depth Channeling, Inner Sanctuary Training, Connecting With Spirit Personal Holistic Healing or Entura Spiritual Art, use the Enrollment form below.