On Holistic Healing

by Patricia Hayes As humans we have a tendency to look at ourselves from a very limited perspective. We see ourselves as physical beings living in, and at the mercy of, a purely physical world. But we are more than just physical beings, much more. Each of us is a multidimensional being operating from the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions simultaneously. There is a complete communication system at work at all times between your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Your emotions, thought patterns, and spiritual perspectives are as important to your health and well-being as is the physical state of your body. In fact, more so. For healing, harmony, and balance to occur within, we must be willing to widen our perspectives to understand how the Four Bodies or dimensions of ourselves (Mental, Emotional, Etheric, and Physical) affect our total being. Your spirit ensouls each of your energetic systems with the life force necessary to sustain a fruitful, satisfying, and healthy state of being. Spiritual regeneration connects you to your inspiration, your reason for being, and your spiritual sensitivities, and restores you to a better, higher, and more beneficial state. Your Spirit holds the key to your health, well-being, and peace of mind. Unbalanced emotions, attitudes, thoughts, and feelings can deplete your natural energies and immunities, and can ultimately manifest as disease or some other problem. Faulty thoughts and negative emotions affect and even attach themselves to the life force energy that enters the physical body, causing an imbalance of the chakras and ultimately, the manifestation of imbalance or disease within the physical body. Negative emotions also affect your body’s ability to stimulate the production of peptides, minute chemical substances which tell each cell what to do, thus organizing the body’s activities. Repressed emotions of any kind, from anger to joy, repress this system of communication, resulting in an eventual weakening of the physical condition. Evidence of this decline may be as simple as headaches, backaches, chronic fatigue, and inability to concentrate or sleep. Disharmony in one aspect of yourself affects the other parts of you. Physical problems and disease are merely symptoms of other underlying causes whether they are mental, emotional, or spiritual. Chronic anxiety, fear, guilt, depression, or anger block the flow of life force energy in the body and disconnect us from our spiritual essence. Negative and repressed emotions are one of the most fundamental causes of illness, a fact accepted by modern medicine. As Dr. Norman Shealy states in his book Sacred Healing, “The cure for most diseases is some form of Sacred Healing.” Many well-known and respected medical professionals believe that true forms of healing impel individuals to attune to the higher aspects of their true nature. I have also found this to be the case. Now you can discover this too. My nearly 50 years of spiritual research, development, and professional practice with psycho-spiritual and holistic methods of healing have clearly demonstrated that for effective personal transformation and permanent healing to occur, intuitive and spiritual training combined with holistic regeneration and healing is vital. A sense of purpose, meaningful direction and interest and enthusiasm for life is the greatest recipe for a vital healthy body. It is the ultimate empowerment to transform the quality of your own thoughts and feelings. The healing of debilitating emotions and attitudes is a spiritual act. It is truly a delight to participate in the enrichment of your life through Connecting with your Spirit. One by one, each of us can make a difference. By bringing greater peace, love and wisdom into our own lives, we bring light, peace, love and wisdom into our world. Patricia Hayes Founder

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