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Four Schools of Healing

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Crystal Healing I
Crystal Healing II
Therapy Analysis
Voyager Tarot Certification
The University of Self Knowledge

certification & degree programs

In-Depth Channeling
Inner Sanctuary Training
Connecting With Spirit Holistic Healing Program
Metaphysician & Healers Studies Program
The RoHun™ Institute of Transpersonal Psychology Entura Spiritual Art Program

certification & degree programs

Connecting With Spirit Weekends
Mauricio Panisset Healing Sanctuary
Luminara Wellness Center
Healings, Readings, & Private Therapy
Connecting With Spirit Weekends at Delphi
Mar 5-7 • Apr 2-4 • May 7-9
Healing Sanctuary, Workshops, Meditation, Private Appointments
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Upcoming Classes
11-13 Inner Sanctuary Training
13-20 In-Depth Channeling
20-24 Advanced Channeling
24-28 Color & Sound Healing
28-Mar 6 Energy Healing Training
24-Mar 2 RoHun Masters I
6-13 In-Depth Channeling
10 Entura Art Symbols II
10-14 Entura Art V
14-18 Entura Art VI
3-5 Inner Sanctuary Training
5-9 Journey of the Soul
9-13 Relationship Dynamics/Male Female Healing
13-19 Yhandi
19-23 Therapy Analysis

3-9 RoHun™ Masters II
Connecting with Spirit Weekends
Begins first Friday of every month (except January)
Mauricio Panisset Healing Sanctuary at Delphi

Dress Code: Please Wear White

Spiritual Healing Workshops
(topics change monthly)
Saturday – 10:00am – 1:00pm

Inspirational Service at the Temple of Wisdom Sunday – 10:30am
Student Letters
Delphi is a university of higher learning providing comprehensive Spiritual Training. Our Four Schools of Healing offer numerous Certification Courses, and Practitioner, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate level degree programs in a full range of Spiritual Training and Studies including Energy Healing and Healer Training, Metaphysics, Alternative Healing, Channeling, Medical Intuitive, Mediumship, Psychic Training and Development, RoHun™ Transpersonal Spiritual Psychology, Ancient Mystery School Teachings, and Intuitive Training and Development.
For over 40 years we have trained people from all walks of life to discover, develop, refine, and reliably express their Spiritual Gifts and Abilities, to grow, heal, and enrich their lives, and to help others. Class size is small, training is experiential, and our teachings are delivered in love, wisdom, and fun. Your experience at Delphi will be transformative and life-changing.
We welcome and invite you to fulfill your highest and greatest potential here at Delphi University. You will gain a greater awareness and understanding about Self and Spirit, more fully and reliably develop your spiritual gifts and abilities, and learn to bring healing to yourself and others.
If you would like to know more about Delphi University and our certification programs, and how to enrich your life as a spiritual healer, intuitive counselor, metaphysician, spiritual artist, and/or spiritual psychotherapist, please call the Delphi offices at 1-888-335-7448, or send us a message for more information.